The Embody Connection Welcome To The Embody Connection

Welcome To The Embody Connection

What if… you could find an approach to healing that could honor and emphasize your current experience, rather than your old stories or your previous patterns?

What if… you could become aware of the subtle ways in which you shut down your authentic self, both in your body and in your being?

And what if… you could do that from a place of curiosity rather than self-judgement and without the need to “fix” anything?

This is The Embody Connection:

A collaborative process of discovery, where you can explore what you want for yourself, engage with what you find there, and expand in a way that makes you feel whole.

Our team has combined what we have found most transformative yet grounded in our healing work–both with clients and in our personal exploration. Collaboration is key for us, as healing is not something that is “done to” someone, but rather comes from within, often within the context of a safe, therapeutic relationship.

We provide Embodied Trauma Healing Sessions and Reiki sessions (In-Person and Remote), as well as Therapeutic Massage and Reiki Massage (massage on a limited basis). By using the NARM® model (NeuroAffective Relational Model), a cutting-edge therapy tool for addressing attachment, relational and developmental trauma, we are able to incorporate both top-down (cognitive) and bottom-up (somatic) processing to move beyond where you are now and into a place of wholeness. Drawing on the tools of verbal inquiry, Reiki, somatic awareness, bodywork, Transformative Insight Imagery®, yoga, breathwork and meditation, we are able to create a personalized treatment for each client.

We have created this space of safety and healing, founded in connection, curiosity, and growth.
Our collaboration provides the possibility to re-story traumatic experiences and restore wholeness.
We invite you to partner in this work as we cultivate your embodied curiosity and capacity for aliveness.

This is your safe space to land.

-The Embody Connection Vision

For more information about the Sessions we offer, please visit the Sessions page. If you are curious and ready to schedule, please click the button below.

The Embody Connection

5215 North Ravenswood, Suite 301, Chicago IL 60640


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