“Where do we go from here?”

Molly launched the Beyond Me Too podcast in 2018 to address the question of how we heal from sexual trauma and to serve as a resource for anyone affected by sexual trauma, as well as a tribute to all those who are doing the hard work of healing.

To truly work in the direction of wholeness, we must not only tell the story of what happened to us, but we must also share our stories of healing. That is where we find our strength and our hope–the hope that healing is possible for ourselves, as well as for our society. By healing the individual, we can heal the collective.

The podcast was relaunched in November 2021, with Molly continuing to host. In addition to Sarah joining as a recurring special guest, Molly facilitates interviews with survivors, healers, writers, advocates, allies, and others who have something to share about healing from sexual trauma. New episodes are released every two weeks.

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