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This Pandemic is Teaching Me That I Am Not Alone

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Last time I was in touch via my e-newsletter, I was heartbroken to announce the temporary ceasing of in-person sessions by our team. The work that we do as healers is not just business to us but is a huge part of our identity, of what we are here to offer to the world. Add to that our individual and societal feelings of physical vulnerability, social isolation and financial insecurity, and, well, things got rough very quickly.

However, there is truth in the statement that things happen for us, not to us. Now that I’ve had some time to reflect, I wanted to share an adaptation of a Facebook post I shared on March 27, 2020.


You guys! I think I have my sea legs. I think I even regained a semblance of a sense of humor. I know this is all still hard and going to be. I know people are sick. I know people are scared, and grieving, and all of it…but I think I’m getting the hang of this, and a lot of that is because of all of the support that people have given me recently (and, if I’m being honest, always).

So far this pandemic is teaching me that I’m not alone, that I don’t have to figure everything out on my own, that sometimes it’s okay for me not to feel strong and tough and put together.

When I was going through a particularly tough time in 2014, a good friend told me: “When it gets to be too much, hand it over to God,” (substitute “Higher Power,” “the Universe,” what-have-you, if “God” doesn’t resonate — because I’ve gotta say, this is about the best advice I’ve ever received).

Anyway, I hit a breaking point (several breaking points?) recently and, during a particularly interesting self-Reiki session, was reminded that I could hand it over to God. And the beauty is that not only did that provide an instant sense of relief, but it opened me up to truly receive the gifts that God has to offer me. Those gifts often show up in small acts of kindness, caring and love via my fellow humans.

Here are some of the acts of support that have recently buoyed me (and helped me to find small ways to buoy others):

– hugs (real live ones), love, patience and understanding at my sister’s and Big Brother From Another Mother’s house

– my team’s (Ashley & Sarah) support in my decision to close our doors on March 16th and their quickness to support efforts to share distant Reiki sessions with clients and stay in touch with clients

– Amber’s support, encouragement and graphic design know-how to help keep some pots on the burner in our biz even though our doors have been shut for nearly two weeks

– Sarah’s offer, and follow-through, on co-recording a Beyond MeToo podcast episode (coming soon!)

– friends being willing to meet for awkwardly far apart walks

– clients being open to distant Reiki sessions as a way to receive support and stay connected during this time

– friends sending me an Uber gift certificate just because

– incredibly bolstering yoga classes in virtual community available every day, freely offered regardless of ability to pay

– everyone who has shared info about resources to help keep our business afloat and rent/mortgages paid

– all the Reiki students who showed up to a virtual Reiki circle last week, and allowed me to give an offering of my own

– the friends I haven’t heard from in a long time, or often, who have been in touch

– friends being willing to listen even when I was acting like a victim and/or having a pity party

– my neighbor who is willing to take care of my kitties whenever I need help

– clients who have offered to help in various ways

As a good friend of mine said early on in the pandemic, “We will not be the same after this.” Of that I’m sure. The question that remains is how will we change? I would love to hear from you about what this time is teaching you and also how we might be of support during the coming weeks and months to come.

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